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At Dance Express we offer classes for all ages and levels to ensure that every student has the opportunity to explore dance and all it has to offer.

First Steps

The perfect first dance class for all children aged 3 and up. This class combines creative movement with ballet technique for a fun, engaging class for kids!

Second Steps

This class further expands on the techniques learned in First Steps but also introduces tap steps to prepare children for Primary Ballet and Primary Tap classes.


This classical style is at the root of all other dance forms. Graceful movements are combined with ballet postures and steps, to provide students with the technique needed to further their dance training. Pointe classes are also offered to advanced Ballet students.


A fast-paced dance style inspired by the rhythm and beat of high energy music.


This slowed down style is the fusion of Ballet, Jazz, and Contemporary. It allows students to express their emotions through dance movements.


A Dance Express favourite! This classic style teaches students to use the sounds of tap footwork to create rhythms and beats.

Musical Theatre

Perfect for triple threats! This class combines dancing, singing, and acting to prepare students for a future career in Broadway.

Hip Hop

A high energy, modern style originating from street dancing, it incorporates many styles and  is influenced pop culture and hip hop music.

Class Fees

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